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The Price of Communication: Forrester Consulting Report

Forrester Reports 261% ROI for xMatters’ Intelligent Communications Platform

Forrester Consulting conducted and published a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study with new findings on xMatters (www.xmatters.com) toolchain communication platform that relays data between systems while engaging the right people to resolve incidents

xMatters gets information to the right systems and people with appropriate context, allowing IT organizations to respond more accurately and quickly to incidents that are affecting business operations. Forrester examined one existing xMatters customer in order to estimate the potential financial impact of the xMatters platform.

Our findings demonstrate that xMatters drives a combination of quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits, including reduced and avoided costs, better quality of life for engineers, and a positive impact on business operations and company culture.- is read in the study. ‘By using the platform’s enhanced communication processes, the customer was able to reduce its mean-time-to-repair for Tier 1 incidents from 17 hours to just 1.5 hours.’

The faster response times, as well as proactive prevention of incidents, resulted in productivity savings over three years totalling $151,069. The reductions in cost of handling Tier 2 and Tier 3 incidents were also significant, totalling over $449,280 over three years. The customer also avoided the cost of hiring a single engineer per year to develop and manage an internal communications system that would have achieved these benefits, resulting in a total savings of $310,500 over three years.

Prior to using xMatters, the  customer analyzed relied on email and SMS to communicate with entire teams of 250 developers and engineers. Employees were forced to check messages at all hours of the day and night, even when an issue was outside of their expertise. Management was unable to engage the right staff quickly and efficiently, often spending up to two hours pinpointing the right employee to handle an incident.

The examined organization spent a total of $252,000 over three years on their xMatters subscription for 250 users, with no significant cost to implement or maintain the platform. In the concluding financial analysis, Forrester found that this organization experienced net present value (NPV) benefits of $753,280 over three years versus costs of $208,896, resulting in a net of $544,384 and an ROI of 261%.

xMatters is a toolchain communication platform that intelligently automates and structures the flow of information within organizations. The platform streamlines the process of identifying and notifying the correct individuals or teams to resolve specific incidents, and making it easy for them to take rapid action. By relaying relevant data between systems and engaging the right people to resolve incidents, xMatters empowers enterprises to prevent outages, proactively manage incidents, and combat inefficient tool hand-offs and ill-defined communication processes. Founded in 2000, xMatters is headquartered in San Ramon, CA, with additional offices worldwide. For more information, please visit www.xmatters.com.

To read the full report, please visit: http://info.xmatters.com/rs/178-CPU-592/images/forrester_tei_report.pdf

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