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Blockchain-based service to disrupt centuries-old matchmaking profession

Matchpool facilitates matchmaking among friends and niche communities

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Please tell us, what is Matchpool all about / what do you do?

Yonatan Ben Shimon, CEO at Matchpool: Matchpool is a user generated dating network. If you imagine all the dating sites in the world offered inside one platform, it’s similar to a Facebook group inside the Facebook platform. From the another view, it’s a platform that enables anyone to open his/her own dating site for their community. Similar to an airbnb for dating sites.

Who is your product intended for? Explain use cases.

Shimon: Matchpool is for people who want to create trust based relationships with other people that are in their second degree of separation, meaning they are a “friend of a friend”. Use case: I am Jewish and I want to meet Jewish girls. Since some girls are old-fashioned and traditional as I am as well, we both would not be on a traditional dating site.  But since we share the same rabbie in our community that we both trust, our rabbie can introduce me to her and make it more likely for us to trust each other and create a common ground.

What problem do you solve in your industry? Please explain the underlying technology.

Shimon: For the average person, it's very expensive and difficult to build their own custom matchmaking platform like Tinder. It’s like trying to build a hotel before airbnb came along. Using blockchain technology, we are enabling anyone to build his/her own Tinder based on their own reputation, set up its reward mechanism and get rewarded by their own rules.

How was this problem solved in the past?

Shimon: It wasn’t solved. The result is the large amount of niche dating sites that go out of business every day because the expense of maintaining their site is too high. With us it will be free to fail.

Who are your competitors?

Shimon: I think our competitors are social networks like Slack or Facebook or the dating sites. Although, none are my direct competitors since social networks can’t monetize matches and dating sites can be hosted on my platform.

How do you differentiate from your competitors?

Shimon: From social networks - users can set their own payment rules and monetize.

From dating site - Matchpool is not a dating site, rather a platform for everyone to build their own dating site.

What is the most important thing to know about your product?

Shimon: That all human connections are based on trust, and with my platform everyone can create a new trust relationship with people like them easily and smoothly, when it was very expensive and difficult to do it before.

How will you make money?

Shimon: Matchpool will charge a 2% fee from every intro payment the users are doing in the system.

Who founded the company, when and why?

Shimon:  Max Richardson and I founded the company 6 month ago, afterwards other joined us.

I noticed that it’s different when you meet someone after an introduction and without it - this applies to all relationships, ranging from romantic to business relationships.

You are currently raising funds with a crowdsale?  How much money is being sought?  If yes, when and what will you use the funds for? Where can you buy coins? When are the dates of the crowdsale?

Shimon: The funds will be conducted in April. Anyone can participate through our website using ethereum.

We are going to release a detailed budget that will elaborate on what we are going to do with the funds.

What else would you like to add?

Shimon: I’m very excited to about this project and the way it will modernize matchmaking.

Other information if applicable:

Partnerships, collaborations or affiliations:

Matchpool is working very closely with Parity Technologies on the smart contracts, security review and architecture of the protocol. We are also implementing Uport’s identity system inside Matchpool later this year when the platform has matured and will be adopted by larger amount of users. Lastly, as Japan is one of the major leading and emerging crypto markets worldwide, we are very much looking forward to our partnership with SmartContract Japan and Bitproperty.

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/matchpool

Crowdsale: http://matchpool.co/crowdfund

Website: www.matchpool.co


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