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Skip Miller Presents “Avoid the Three Worst 4th Quarter Mistakes”

Free online sales training seminar highly recommended for managers, trainers, and salespeople

Skip, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. As President of M3 Learning, a proactive sales and sales management company, and founder of the Advanced Sales School, we know you have a busy schedule.

Over the past decade, you've provided sales and sales management training to hundreds of companies worldwide. Is your first training event in VenueGen, a trailblazing event, or are you simply making it more convenient for sales managers to attend your training?

Skip Miller: It's a little bit of both.  It's great to see how you can communicate with so many people on the web; this is not new, but VenueGen technology allows you to communicate in a uniquely different way.  It makes the experience totally interactive; that's the trailblazing part.

Your next online event will show sales managers, in under an hour, how they can get their accounts to view them as a vital business partner, not just another vendor. What's your secret sauce for this?

Skip Miller: Except for what Col Sanders puts on chicken, there is no secret sauce.  There are things that need to get done, as early as possible.  Things that need to be prioritized looked at in a different way or from a different angle.  The basics of sales management, but with a sense of urgency to do the "right" things.

Your presence in VenueGen is similar to the real-world experience of sharing a physical space together. Do you foresee VenueGen meetings replacing many of your future in-person appearances?

Skip Miller: I don't think ‘replacing' reflects the opportunity.  Training is only effective when behavior can be modified.  Modification of behavior takes multiple experiences of coaching, trail/error, and reminding.  This technology is vital to keeping the learning going, so the retention rate is above the industry standard, which is somewhere close to 20 percent.

Your upcoming webinar will offer three tried-and-true tips to reach 4th quarter sales goals. Are the pressures of unfilled sales projections especially intense at the end of the year?

Skip Miller: Most companies do a lot of their business in the 4Q.  Great managers need to focus not only on 4Q business, but making sure the next year gets off to a fast start.  It really is a balancing act, and a key is to make sure the sales team is not chasing prospects that have no intention of buying.  That's rule #1.

Working smarter, not harder, is key to your philosophy. Is the establishment of a web presence a critical part of smarts today?

Skip Miller: The productivity gains a sales team can make by measuring sales touches, not just sales calls, is huge.  Less than 10% of companies are doing a moderately good job at this today.  Face-to-face calls, while important, will not shorten sales cycles.  Web or sales touches will.  The key to a shorter sales process is not to shorten the sales call... it's to shorten the time in between meetings.

More and more sales are taking place over the Internet, rather than in person. Has online sales management training become critical for success?

Skip Miller: Sales managers HATE to be taken out of the day-to-day process.  Web-based training, in short bursts, is ideal for sales managers.  They don't have to spend three days out of pocket, they can learn one or two new tools, implement those tools, and then come back for more-all in a highly interactive environment. This is ten times better than any book they can read on sales training.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Skip Miller: Smart companies and sales managers are using this technology to shorten their sales cycles and get revenue in quicker.  They are also using it as a competitive advantage.  The sales team that gets the customer locked into a more productive technology has just added a new, value-added proposition.  You think people hate to change as a rule, you should see how they hate changing their technology habits!  Use the technology to do things faster, be more responsive to customer needs, and qualify leads quicker.  It is a definite no brainer!

Event details:

This free online sales training seminar is highly recommended for managers, trainers, and salespeople.

For a free, full-featured 30-day VenueGen trial, please visit https://www.venuegen.com/?q=inv/sreginvitations

Registration: First come, first serve at https://www.venuegen.com/?q=thunder/sthunder

Important: Register well in advance to allow enough time to download the venue and meeting content. Be sure to register from the computer you will be using to attend the meeting. Space is limited. Reserve your webinar seat now.

For more information, please go to http://www.m3learning.com/skip-miller.html or www.venuegen.com, or follow VenueGen on Twitter at http://twitter.com/venueGen

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