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Today, I am speaking with Jean-Francois "Jeff" Piot, vice president of product management with GSX Solutions. Hello, JF, thank you for joining us. Could you first explain what it is that GSX offers? JF: Hello, I'm glad to be here. As experienced email and messaging systems administrators, we found that there was a profound lack of proactive server monitoring tools on the market. What was out there only provided a birds-eye view of the environment, not an in-depth diagnoses of performance issues from an end-user perspective. Moreover, in the last 10 years, servers have become increasingly virtualized, allowing administrators to dedicate critical applications to a single virtual server. However, those virtual servers and the application workloads running on them still rely heavily on the underlying physical servers. CPU and RAM availability are critical for applicati... (more)

Rivetz Leverages Intel, ARM Tech to Deliver Malware Protection

Rivetz Corp. has been named as one of the AlwaysOn Global 100 Companies to Watch, congratulations! Please tell us, what is Rivetz all about and what do you do? Steven Sprague: Rivetz is leveraging the trusted execution technologies in new devices powered by Intel and ARM to protect the Crypto Currency Private Keys and Transaction from Malware.  We are building security services for all of the wallet providers to protect the user's secret key, securely display the transaction amounts and trusted Input to assure the users Pin number cannot be stolen. Rivetz is also helping the use... (more)

Fireside Chat about Facebook Outages, Office 365 Outages, Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery

Many businesses are still wary of moving to the cloud, not only for security reasons but for the risk of service interruptions. The recent outages of Facebook and Office 365 only make those hesitations more justifiable from a business perspective. What advice do you have for enterprises that are still on the fence about moving to the cloud? Lakshman: It’s becoming increasingly clear that there are certain benefits the cloud offers businesses, like agility, a pay-as-you-grow model, and more capabilities to the end-user who has access to services when he needs them. It’s in the b... (more)

Think of Bizagi as the CAD/CAM of Process Automation

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Please tell us, what is bizagi all about and what do you do? Gustavo Gomez, CEO of bizagi: Bizagi (an abbreviation of business agility) is a software platform author. Our experience with process automation started when developing ERP solutions for Apple in late 80s. After delivering successful projects, clients often asked for changes which took too long and were costly to implement. We realized that existing technology was too rigid and organizations ended up adapting their business model to their legacy technology and not all ... (more)

Umoo Opens Private Beta to Launch Social Gaming Tournaments

Web 2.0 Journal Not many people have the fun job to deal with technology startups and play online gaming during work time. Fortunately, I am one of the few lucky ones. As I was heavily testing the new Umoo Social tournaments I was forced to compete with my entire office. I set up tournaments with my step dad in Germany and even my mother in law who usually only plays Mahjong or Scrabble online. I can tell you feel for me, having a blast while I am on the clock. Today is finally the day that Umoo tournaments is coming out of private beta and into the public arena. I can now set up... (more)