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If you've ever been on the receiving end of the IT help line during a critical project, you know the feeling of being at the mercy of the established processes of calling or emailing, creating a "trouble ticket" and awaiting a response. Working remotely or on a mobile device proves even more challenging to a prompt solution.  In contrast, Workspot's integrated in-app support incorporates helpdesk support directly inside the Workspot application. This enables all users, whether in the office or on the go, to get help from IT without sending an email, placing a call, or even without leaving the Workspot application. It's a the same as the "live-chat" option you've probably seen when shopping online.  You click the "help desk" icon which opens a dialog box, enabling immediate communication and much faster resolution to problems in real time. What is a common tool in sh... (more)

New Guide to Complying with FERPA By @Xeniar | @CloudExpo #Cloud

One of the biggest challenges facing schools today has nothing to do with demographics, enrollment numbers or curriculum. It is complying with the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), also known as the Buckley Amendment, which sets strict standards for the protection of students' data. Violating FERPA can result in loss of Federal funding, fines or a state civil suit for any school or college which receives federal funds. It has been said that few other laws have affected the daily administration of schools and colleges as much as FERPA. Syscloud a leader a le... (more)

Bringing an End to the Back End By @Xeniar | @CloudExpo #Cloud

There are already plenty of BaaS solutions out there. Why should developers be interested in Syncano? Nikolai Fasting: We have a completely different vision. Most BaaS address back-end developers. However, we want to make the back-end obsolete. We are addressing innovative front-end developers who want to be creative. We don't want them to worry about the back-end. We also offer a broader range of features that makes solving problems easier than combining multiple solutions. Should we refer to Syncano as mBaaS, BaaS or Daas? Fasting: The answer to this might be different every da... (more)

Complex Websites Are at Increased Risk for Security Breaches By @Xeniar | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Please tell us, what SiteLock is all about and what do you do? Neill Feather: Complete website security is essential for businesses, but can be an intimidating investment. SiteLock was started in 2008 to help businesses protect their online presence with reliable, high-quality and reasonably-priced security solutions. SiteLock's website security tools find, fix and prevent potential threats, helping companies protect their data and reputations, and ensure a consistent user experience. SiteLock also offers access to 24/7 support ... (more)

Ether2 Launches “The Q.” to Resolve Network Bandwidth Bottlenecks

Hi Jonathan, you just launched "The Q.". What is "The Q."? Jonathan Gael: "The Q." is a breakthrough networking technology that eliminates the need for routers, clearing the way for far more efficient data transmission. In technical terms, we're talking about a family of protocols that all stem from Distributed Queued Switch Architecture (DQSA) the bottleneck-eliminating technology that provides near-perfect queueing and Quality of Services (QoS) at layer 2, the protocol layer which provides access to physical and wireless media. We strive to offer a true broadcast architecture ... (more)